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Clicking on any of the photos above will start a short slideshow of selected pictures from Photography 101‘s Weekend Three assignment: “Hone Your Camera’s Eye.” The goal was to photograph objects of primarily one color — or two contrasting colors. Expecting to find plenty of brown in late November, I went to the Botanical Gardens at Asheville late on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Panasonic Lumix in hand. I happened to drive past the Gardens again at mid-day on Sunday, when it was misty and drizzling (exactly the conditions I had wanted for my Mystery photo shoot — sigh). With a few minutes to spare before I picked up my daughter, I stopped and, trying to keep my iPhone 5s from getting wet, took a few more photos of brown subjects.

When I reviewed my pictures late Sunday evening, I was surprised to find the color gold. In fact, the gold overwhelms the brown. Most of the photos have green in the background, and the green also overtakes the brown. Lesson: brown is perhaps not the best focal color!

My favorites are the vertical photo of the hand holding the cup (this is a fountain, but it was not turned on) and the yellow leaves in the overflow pool for the fountain. Although I overstayed my “few minutes” on Sunday and took the sapling photo in haste, I also like the raindrops glistening on the thin branches of the tree.

Which photos do you prefer? Why?

All photos taken November 2014 by Sandra Fleming. Text and Photos copyrighted © 2014 by Sandra Fleming.